Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sports and Recreation in Clark and Pampanga

Play Golf in Clark, Pampanga, green fees vouchers 

available from Clearwater Resort

27-hole Golf Course minutes from Clearwater Resort in Clark Pampanga

Added to the list of the best golf courses in Pampanga is the newly completed 27-hole Championship golf course in Clark, Philippines, many regard to be best golf club near Manila. Situated inside Clark Freeport, Pampanga, near Angeles City and Subic, the FAK Golf Club has earned the respect from golfers for offering a fair layout with a good balance of challenging and enjoyable holes.
Play Golf in Clark Pampanga with special golfing voucher in 2012 from Clearwater Resort, featuring the best golf course outside of Manila, the newly completed FAK Golf Club that offers 27 holes of championship golf. This beautiful golf course in Clark Philippines is located just minutes away from the best hotel in Clark, Clearwater Resort and Country Club which is a already a highly recommended hotel in Clark for families. Kids love the beach and lake in this top rated resort near Angeles City, Pampanga, Clark Philippines. Families enjoy the outdoor amenities of Clearwater while golfing parents play golf at the best golf course in Pampanga.

Beautiful golf course in Clark Pampanga Philippines near Clearwater
Prices for golf vouchers are:
Php1,900 for weekdays
Php2,500 for weekends
Prices do NOT include caddy fees or rental of golf carts, only green fees. Tee-time reservations must be made 2 days in advance. Vouchers are valid only for the day specified. No refund is given for no-shows or cancellations.
Clearwater Resort and Country Club, Clark Pampanga 
Creekside Road near Centennial Expo,
Clark Freeport, Pampanga Philippines 2023
(045) 889-5151 0917-520-4403 0922-870-5177
Joanne or Jeremy or Loydha

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fine Dining restaurant of Angeles City Clark Freeport Zone

Tourists and travel guides laud Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge as the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga, citing reasons such as best restaurant wine list in Pampanga, excellent service in the restaurant with knowledgeable waiters, an elegant ambience for fine dining, good food and exciting menu featuring food from major culinary regions of the world

Roasted pigeon with parsnip ratatouille saffron polenta cake
Food and wine lovers in Manila laud Yats Restaurant as the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga, a special restaurant that offers guests a real treat every time they wine and dine in this top rated restaurant in Clark Philippines which is surprisingly child friendly also.
New ideas bring more guests to dine at the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga as Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar unveils sumptuous regional set menus aimed at pairing well with fine vintage wines from each culinary region in the world; many consider Yats as the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga Clark Philippines, and a good place to wine and dine when visiting Subic, Tarlac and Angeles City Pampanga.

Atlantic Mackerel served at Yats Restaurant in Clark Pampanga

Frequent visitors traveling from Manila to wine and dine at the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga grow tired of heavy dishes involving red meat, pasta and cheeses. More and more, weight watchers, health-conscious eaters and restaurant guests from Angeles City Pampanga with sophisticated palates request for more delicate dishes. Hot and humid climates of summer months cause guests of this fine dining restaurant in Clark to look for a good place to eat seafood. Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar which is generally known as the best restaurant near Manila rises to the challenge and offers a line of exciting seafood dishes using sophisticated ingredients such as barracuda, grey mullet, Atlantic Mackerel and flounders, rarely seen in even the best restaurants in Angeles City Pampanga. Mussels and clams also play a role in the expanded seafood menu of this top rated restaurant in Clark.

Lobsters served at Yats Restaurant in Clark Philippines

The carefully designed regional dinner menus released by fine dining Yats Restaurant in Pampanga bring food and wine lovers to culinary centers around the world without ever having to leave the country. Food and wine lovers frequently visit the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga for a special treat. For each culinary region such as France, Italy and American, classic recipes invented and perfected in each of those culinary regions are adopted here in the best restaurant in Pampanga. The result is a fine regional dinner that wine lovers can enjoy with the finest of vintage wines from that same region. This gives wine and food lovers an extra reason to travel out of town from Manila on a short getaway to the North to visit Angeles City, Clark Philippines and dine at the best restaurant in Clark Philippines. Many wine lovers also take this opportunity to shop at Clark Wine Center, the best wine shop in Pampanga, and bring back a few bottles of fine vintage wines to Manila.

Fine dining Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar in Philippines Clark Pampanga

Philippines Pampanga Angeles City Best Restaurant opens Wine Bar and Lounge in Clark Philippines, attracting wine lovers and tourist in Angeles City and Subic looking for good nightlife spot near Manila.
Residents of Manila travel out of town for a short getaway up north visit Angeles city, Clark, Pampanga, Philippines to wine and dine and enjoy a special dinner at the best restaurants in the country. Even people from Subic and Cebu travel to Clark to enjoy a special evening and some great food and rare vintage wine at this fine dining restaurant.
Things to do in Angeles City Clark Pampanga, enjoy good food and fine wine at Yats Restaurant, wine and dine in the best restaurant in Angeles City, Subic, Pampanga, Clark Philippines, drink, relax and unwind in the best wine bar outside Manila, hangout in a frequently visited nightlife spot in Clark Freeport. Visitors traveling to the north from Manila rarely miss the opportunity to indulge in a memorable dinner at the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga.

Private Rooms in Yats Restaurant called Tasting Room
Recent opinion survey of frequent travelers heading north towards Subic, Angeles City and Clark Pampanga revealed that the number one most frequently visited fine dining restaurant in Pampanga is Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar located in Angeles City Clark Philippines. Reasons given include good food, excellent service, an elegant, cozy and upscale ambience, availability of exclusive private dining rooms, a nice garden for outdoor alfresco dining and cocktail parties. There are two very impressive wine cellars that contain some of the world’s finest wines and rare vintages. Yats Restaurant is already recognized as one of the top rated restaurants in the Philippines. It is frequently visited not only by local residents but also tourists arriving in the Philippines for a memorable dining experience.

Vegetarian Dish - Asparagus and Spinach risotto with red pimento dressing

Best place to unwind in Angeles City Pampanga Philippines is to wine and dine at at the best restaurant in Pampanga called Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge. This is a place to go in Angeles City Pampanga for wine lovers and visitors traveling out of town from Manila to the north in Pampanga. This fine dining restaurant is famous among residents of Angeles City, Subic and Baguio for offering the best food and service. Wine lovers regard this resto bar as the best restaurant in Angeles City Pampanga, the best place to eat and drink while in Clark Philippines.

Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar Mimosa Drive past Holiday Inn, Mimosa Leisure Estate, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023 (045) 599-5600 0922-870-5194 0917-520-4401 Pedro or Rechel

Friday, August 3, 2012

About Clark, Freeport Zone

Clark Pampanga was the largest foreign US airbase, complete with its own international airport with daily flights linking it to major cities around Asia. Inside of Clark Philippines are golf courses, casinos, family-styled resorts that smacks of the US suburban lifestyles and fine-dining restaurants. Getting to Clark Philippines is easy not just from capital city Manila Philippines but visitors can fly directly into Clark International Airport. There are a number of locations in the Philippines that are well-kept secrets. These are called special zones, industrial zones, economic zones but the best ones are the Freeport zones. Tax and investment incentives aside (and these will be discussed later in another part of this series) these Freeport zones do not allow outright purchase of land. Long-term leases (25 to 50 years) are offered instead. This does not appeal to local residents. As a result, these Freeport zones are largely inhabited by foreigners who in turn cause the estate to acquire an international look and feel, plus a higher standard of living. Security is very tight in these zones and the infrastructures are much more advanced and integrated than in municipal cities. Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga is one such example. Clark is a mere 60 minutes from Metro Manila along the North Expressway which brings visitors straight into Clark Freeport without going through any city traffic along the way. Complete with its own Clark International Airport DMIA which links Clark to all major cities in Asia, and thus the world, this city is fast replacing Manila as a preferred destination for multi-national companies like Samsung and Texas Instruments. Crime rate is practically negligible and so are pollution levels and traffic problems.

Pampanga’s First Floating Garden

IMAGINE being able to plant crops, rain or shine, without the threat of floodwater or drought. Imagine this possible even in perennially flooded areas like swamps and canals. In a village in the City of San Fernando, villagers need not imagine -- because they live amidst this possibility using the latest farming technology. Barangay Del Pilar has launched the first-ever floating garden in Pampanga using the technology of using water hyacinths as floating rafts for garden and vegetable cultivation. Village chief Pandoy Policarpio said much of the methods they are now using employs technology learned from the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice). Currently, there are at least 200 floating gardens at the almost 2.3-hectare property of the barangay that is constantly flooded by water even during summer. The floating gardens are an innovative farming solution that uses water hyacinth, which is collected to construct a raft and then covered with top soil and organic fertilizer. The gardens are able to withstand flooding and can be planted with palay, vegetables and herbs. “We are very thankful for the help of PhilRice and Pampanga Agricultural College. Now our residents here can avail of the produce of these gardens for free,” Policarpio said. The floating garden sits on a 2.3-hectare property that includes a 330-square meter herbal garden. All produce of the garden are given to the people. The property, which was donated to the barangay, is managed by volunteers who also raise chickens and ducks that are also given to residents for free. “People can come here and take vegetables they need for their meals. We give it to them for free. Indigents can take more but we teach them to be self sufficient and have their own gardens,” Policarpio said. Policarpio added that they aim to improve the garden with the help of PhilRice. PhilRice is a government corporate entity attached to the national agriculture office, the Department of Agriculture that aims at developing high-yielding and cost–reducing technologies so farmers can produce enough rice for all Filipinos. Recently, it has developed a rice variety that will survive even it is submerged underwater. Policarpio said their garden can be a model for other barangays who would like to come up with a healthier project that would benefit their local communities.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Funnside Ningnangan Angeles City

The Famed grill landmark "Funnside Ningnangan" finds home in Angeles City

THE BEST of Sto. Tomas town’s grilled food delights has finally invaded Angeles City with the upcoming opening of the Funnside Ningnangan in Barangay Pulung Maragul a few blocks away from Marquee Mall on July  Funnside Ningnangan has been synonymous with the best grilled food that San Matias, Sto. Tomas is famous for. If Sta. Rita has its turrones de casuy and sansrival, Sasmuan its pulburon, Angeles City its sisig and Bacolor its suman and tamales, Sto. Tomas has grilled food that people from as far as Bulacan and Metro Manila would brave the long travel to Pampanga just to have a taste of. But Funnside Ningnangan offers more with its strong line up of seafood and oriental dishes that are cooked with the fusion of Kapampangan taste in mind. The establishment sits on a 3,200-square meter property and can accommodate large parties and events. The long bamboo-made edifice that the Funnside Ningnangan is famous for is a wonder in itself.  Made by craftsmen from Bacolor, the edifice is a fusion of Kapampangan bamboo art with the traditional “bahay kubo” architecture. “This dining facility is bringing to Angeles City the contemporary and old Kapampangan food culture in Sto. Tomas. We hope to contribute to the culinary attractions of Angeles City After a motorcade signaling its grand opening, customers and food lovers will be able to avail of the best grilled food in town at a 50 percent discount for lunch and dinner on the opening day. Dining at Funnside Ningnangan is a novelty of savoring the alfresco ambiance and the food being cooked right before your very eyes.  Savor the best barbeque orders marinated and cooked the Kapampangan way.  Short orders of seafood, oriental dishes like tempura and steaks are also available side-by-side. Funnside Ningnangan provides that novelty experience of dining in an eclectic ambiance in the company of friends or family.

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